Wow! Please! Do it again!: April 2014

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sharing is Caring: WebSphere Application Server 8.5

Environment Setup
OS: AIX 7.1, WAS + IHS

#1. IHS (IBM HTTP Server) slows to a crawl during high load
Observation: Slow response times (up to minutes), errors in http_plugin.log suggests an issue with SSL & GSKit.

Fix: IBM had a fix for the GSKit component a month ago, but no, they didn't feel the need to inform other customers running the same version of their product.

Lesson Learnt: Stress test must cover static resources too (e.g. images, stylesheets, javascripts, fonts).

#2 WAS (WebSphere Application Server) memory leak
Observation: OutOfMemoryError (duh!), due to usage of JMS Queue Connection Factories over a long period of time (more than 12 hours).

Fix: IBM came out with a spanking new fix.

Lession Learnt: Endurance stress test should span across a few days.

How to enable debug mode in production

"I don't always enable debug mode, but when I do I do it in production" -Biggest bank in Malaysia