Wow! Please! Do it again!: April 2012

Sunday, April 29, 2012

SGS2 + CM9: Battery Life (Overnight)

1. Wifi/3G off
2. Sync off

Saturday, April 28, 2012

SGS2 + CM9: The plunge - CyanogenMod 9 (CM9)

Running CheckROM RevoHD V4 for a couple of months already, time to take the plunge..

1. Factory reset phone
2. Format USB storage.
3. Copied latest CM9 build (20120427) and Google Apps (gapps) package (20120422) using USB OTG.
4. Reboot into CWM recovery.
5. Flashed CM9 and gapps
6. Wipe data/factory reset
7. Reboot phone
8. Spent few minutes in awe.
9. Noticed APN settings missing, and unable to add new APN
10. Downloaded latest modem (LPS)
11. Reboot into CWM recovery
12. Flashed LPS modem
13. Reboot phone.
14. APN settings are now in place. Able to connect to 3G (mobile data)
15. Installed a couple of apps (WhatsApp, Angry Birds, Draw Something, ES File Explorer, Gmail, Google Reader, Quadrant Standard, NoLED)

The Good
Looks good, and pretty smooth (although at times, noticed minor lags during transition between home and app drawer).

The Bad
1. No Google Maps application. Unable to find it on Google Play (app). Went on the web version and it states that "This app is incompatible with your Samsung GT-I9100"? Downloaded the apk and all is good.

Monday, April 9, 2012

SGS2: The road so far

Date acquired: July 2011
Date rooted: 27th November, 2011

Previous ROM(s): CyanogenMod 7.1 (great performance, but very unstable, random freezes)
Current ROM: CheckROM RevoHD V4 (average performance, stable)

ROM+Kernel combinations:
1. Stock ROM + CF-Root (just to root the device)
2. CyanogenMod 7.1 + (the default kernel that comes with it)
3. CheckROM RevoHD V4 + (the default kernel that comes with it)
4. CheckROM RevoHD V4 + Siyah 2.6.12 - Great performance, but unstable (random freezes and restarts)
5. CheckROM RevoHD V4 + RedPill 1.3 - Average performance, slightly more stable than Siyah
6. CheckROM RevoHD V4 + SpeedMod K21 - Good battery life, but unable to perform Backups using CWM Manager
4. CheckROM RevoHD V4 + (the default kernel that comes with it) - Same with #3, since it's the most stable